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Intelligent  Platform

Tech-Trans is an intelligent platform specialist. We work together with many leading platforms in the world, such as Oracle, MySQL, SAP and more. With our deep industry experience and knowledge, we are adequate to provide the best solutions to your business and drive large-scale platform. We are confident to help your business run faster, smarter and maintain in high performance.

Tech-Trans can lead your way to become an intelligent enterprise.

SAP S/4 HANA Intelligent platform:

Tech-Trans is SAP platform specialist. We built the only SAP S/4 HANA testing centre in Hong Kong with four major brands certified HANA server. We work with SAP and SAP implementation partners as one team to deliver end to end ERP solution.

Here is the successful customer case (Fujikon x Tech-Trans)


Our Premium Care Support for SAP system is unique in the market.


Customers enjoy our free loan SAP S/4HANA testing unit to lower the investment.

Tech-Trans SAP S/4HANA Testing Center :

IBM power 10_edited.jpg

IBM Power 10  

Lenovo SR950_edited.jpg

 Lenovo x3950 x6 and  Lenovo SR950   

HPE DL380G11_edited.jpg
HPE Allectra 9000_edited.jpg

HPE DL380G11 and ALLETRA 9000

Huawei RH5885H V3 .jpg

Huawei RH5885H V3 

(for SAP S/4HANA/

R3 Business Suite)

Lenovo x3950 x6_edited.jpg

Oracle technology platform:

Tech-Trans commit on Oracle database and applies IBM AIX, Suse Linux and Red Hat technology to help our customers run Oracle faster, more secure and stable. Also, our Oracle database consulting team helps customers to upgrade Oracle database version and data migrations.

We build advanced systems for

Oracle database:

  • IBM PowerVM Hypervisor for Oracle database

  • IBM PowerHA (clustering) for Oracle database

  • Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC)

  • Oracle Active Data Guard

  • Oracle RMAN Backup


Check out our Premium Care Support for Oracle database.

We built the first fault tolerance system of Oracle RAC across two Active-Active datacenters. Find out more in here.

Red Hat.png

Oracle MySQL open-source technology platform:


MySQL is the world's most popular open-source database for the new workload. Tech-Trans help customers to build high performance, scalable database applications at cost-effectively. 


We build advanced systems for MySQL database:

  • MySQL Enterprise Edition

  • MySQL Cluster CGE

  • Oracle MySQL Cloud Service

Hyper-converged infrastructure:


Hyper-converged infrastructure is a software-defined IT infrastructure that virtualizes all of the elements of conventional "hardware-defined" systems. 

Tech -Trans helps the enterprise to build intelligent HCI platforms for easy management and lowers operating and capital costs

  • Nutanix 

  • VMware vSAN

  • HPE Simplivity

 Find out more in here.


HCI technology platform:

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